Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions provide guidance and advice from the UK Data Service to the general public, concerning the 2015 summer App Challenge, based on the UK Data Service open data API.

The guidance remains valid until superseded by revised revised quidance.

The Guidance outlines the supporting IT services available from the UK Data Service and our understanding of these.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the Guidance is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments to provide reasonably consistent service and data availability to the public are understood.

The objectives are to lay out the guidance on service quality and availability that UK Data Service is willing to make on a best-effort basis.


The primary stakeholders associated with this Guidance are:

  • Data Owner: Eurofound
  • Service Provider: UK Data Service ("the UKDS")
  • Application Developers: Individuals or entities making use of the UKDS services and data to create applications (“the Developers”)
  • End Users: Members of the general public or institutions, accessing information through the API mentioned above (“the Users”)

Periodic Review

The Guidance is not subject to scheduled periodic reviews by the UK Data Service. Revisions and amendments will be considered on an ad-hoc basis whenever a change in the services covered by this Guidance is imminent. The Guidance remains permanently in effect until a revised Guidance is supplied and signed-off by the UKDS.

Service Scope

This Guidance generally covers the UKDS API; an interface that allows applications to access various socio-economic data (“the Service”).

The UKDS's Responsibilities to the Users

The UKDS will:

  • Provide reasonable usage of the Service free of charge to the Users on a best-efforts basis.
  • Attempt to minimize disruption of the Service, especially during UK office hours.
  • Update the Service and its data as the practicalities of the project permit.

The UKDS's Responsibilities to the Developers

The UKDS will:

  • Provide reasonable use of the Service free of charge to the Developers on a best-efforts basis.
  • Make the Service available via HTTP(S).
  • Make reasonable efforts to maintain the request signatures and expected output structure of any given API endpoint for the lifetime of that endpoint’s API version, once the endpoint is released.

The Developers' Responsibilities

The Developers using data from the Service will:

    Meet any requirements in the original licensing conditions for the data. In this case proper attribution of data under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence in any resulting products or services developed using data from the API.
  • As a requirement of the App Challenge, include the data owner’s full title (Eurofound) and logo, and the date data accessed in any resulting products or services developed using data from the Service.


For continuous operation of the Service and currency of the data, it is assumed that:

  • No end-user or intermediary service engages in bulk download and storage of the data.
  • Applications exhibit regular access patterns and request data on demand, i.e. in response to specific user requests, not automatically.

Service Availability and Data Management

The UKDS will:

  • make reasonable efforts to provide continuous operation of the Service, with the exception of planned maintenance. As this is a best-effort basis, no percentage or hours uptime guarantees are made.
  • make reasonable efforts to schedule maintenance timeframes outside UK office hours.
  • not make explicit guarantees regarding uptime.
  • not make pre-announcement of upcoming maintenance timeframes.

Service Requests

  • Basic support is available via the Support Page. The Service will attempt to respond to any support request within 3 working days but this cannot be guaranteed.

Data Currency

  • Data is kept up-to-date as project practicalities permit. Data is not guaranteed to be fault-free, but is periodically reviewed by a team of experts.

Closing Note

All parts of the Service are provided free of charge to the Users and the Developers. The UKDS does not accept liability for any damages resulting from disruption of the Service, or faults in the data. This guidance is provided to the general public on a best-effort basis and shall not be considered a legally binding agreement.

The Service may be removed at any time by the UKDS without prior warning.

The Users are obliged to make use of the data only under the terms and conditions of the relevant open access licence.